History and the Mission Statement : NipponKodoStore.com

Humankind has looked towards the Heavens for inspiration and looked to the Earth for the means to this inspiration.   Incense has been and still is one of those terrestrial means.   Incense itself has origins as far back as 6,000 BC in every part of the world, including the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the Americas.   Incense is a part of virtually every culture and there are certain cultural and ritualistic practices to be found today which are still associated with worship, meditation and purification.

In the Days of Yore the world population was never permitted to possess or use incense without some authority granting permission.   Since those days incense practice as well as incense availability has evolved, however, the motives for incense use have not changed: worship, meditation and purification.
And unlike our predecessors all of us may now enjoy the benefits of incense as and when we choose.  Wow, how times have changed...and stayed the same .

At NipponKodoStore.com we firmly believe that all people should be allowed to be exposed to all types of incense and incense uses.    Our mission is to serve the world population the very best that the world of incense has to offer while at the same time expanding the breadth of incense knowledge through enlightening information dissemination.   Please come join us on our journey through incense Time and Space; you will be enlightened. 

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