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Let's fold the Origami tie for this Father's Day!

You can ▶︎ Download FREE Origami Paper and print at your home.

Left paper image is the front side of Origami paper. Right paper is the back side of Origami paper.

1. Let's start with the back side of the paper facing up.

2. Fold on the Diagonal in half and unfold.

3. Open the diagonal fold and place the piece of paper in front of you with the patterned side facing down.

4. Fold in both sides to meet the center line.

5. Flip the paper.

6. Fold the point down so that it is about half way down from point A to point B.

7. Fold point A back up about a quarter of the length from point A to point C.

8. Flip the paper.

9. Fold Point Down.

10. Fold each side wing in to the center.

11. Fold the another side too.

12. Turn the Origami tie over.<

13. Congratulations! Here is your finished piece. You have completed making a beautiful Origami tie.

Happy Father's Day!

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