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Interview with Masters: FRAGRANT CONNECTIONS

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#02 Nobue Yonewaki, Chief of Product Development

Incense culture is spreading throughout the world: Ms. Yonewaki, chief of the Product Development Department, mainly focuses on research and development of merchandise that are geared towards overseas customers. What types of incense do people in the world love, and how do these people reflect on Japan through incense? It seems to be that people expect to sense the country of Japan through incense.

Nippon Kodo Parfumer


Starting his career off at a domestic fragrance company, he moves on to a fragrance company overseas, then on to a major cosmetic company, and has now joined Nippon Kodo since April 2017. Despite of all of his changes in companies, Mr. Tatsushi Horita has deepened his career as a perfumer for 40 years. He focuses on the details and the beauty of this artistic job that produces works of "fragrance."