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Tanabata Star Festival

WISHING ON A STAR— Japan celebrates Tanabata, the Star Festival, on July 7th, the day Princess Orihime (Star Vega) and Prince Hikoboshi (Star Altair) meet once a year. Princess Orihime’s father, a God of the heavens, arranged the two lovers to see each other at first, however because Princess Orihime stopped weaving, her father became upset and allowed them to meet only once a year. As a culture now, people write wishes on strips of colored paper called Tanzaku, and hang them on bamboo trees on Tanabata. To read more on Tanabata >>

Wishing on a star!

Write your wish(es) with #Tanabata and #nipponkodo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram…your wishes may be posted on the Nippon Kodo homepage!

"I wish upon the stars that, I can make the voyage to Tokyo to visit my old friend, Kiyoko and tell her how much she means to me and together burn incense at the shrine and eat mochi and sushi 🌠 🗾 🌅 ⛩ 🍢 🍣 🥢 " - E.H

"Wish for everyone I know to have good health" - R.T

"I have only one wish.... I wish to have a child this year." - Y.R

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