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NIPPON KODO | elemense - SPACE 40 sticks NIPPON KODO | HERB & EARTH - Bamboo Stick Incense VANILLA NIPPON KODO | MORNING STAR Incense - AMBER 50 sticks
Moroccan scent of saffron, cinnamon and amber note. The highest quality Bamboo incense stick with less smoke. The sweet, full bodied fragrance of vanilla. Morning star incense has been loved for over 40 years by not only Japanese but people all over the world
NIPPON KODO | NATURENSE - Bamboo Stick Incense ORIENTAL MIND NIPPON KODO | Fragrance Memories - PARIS CAFE - INCENSE - Cinnamon, Coffee, Chocolate - 20 sticks NIPPON KODO | KAYURAGI - INCENSE - OSMANTHUS - 40 sticks
"For people who insist their own natural life style." NATURENSE, the
fragrance of natural effects is for people who are particular about
their choice and its ingredients.
Key notes: cinnamon, coffee, & chocolate Delight in the sweet, fruity floral scent of Osmanthus.