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NIPPON KODO | Fragrance Memories - LAVENDER KISS - INCENSE - Lavender, Melisse, Artichoke - 20 sticks NIPPON KODO | DRAGON BALL Z MORNING STAR - LAVENDER 35 sticks (TRUNKS) NIPPON KODO | MORNING STAR - INCENSE - LAVENDER - 200 sticks
This will take you to a place filled with fresh flowers. Fragrance of calming Lavender Best selling incense for daily use. Fragrance of calming Lavender.
NIPPON KODO | ka-fuh - INCENSE - LAVENDER - 120 sticks NIPPON KODO | HERB & EARTH - Bamboo Stick Incense LAVENDER NIPPON KODO | NATURENSE - COMFORTABLE TIME - INCENSE - Lavender Rosemary - 40 sticks
Enjoy the pleasure of a lavender garden as a light summer breeze wafts your care away. The highest quality Bamboo incense with less smoke. The relaxing fragrance of Lavender. The fragrance of the natural oils of lavender and rosemary will give you a sense of comfort.